Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Swatches of my very first Frankens!

Hey lovelies!
I have been wanting to Franken for awhile, but I never had the inspiration to do it, and I just kept putting it off. The other night I had nothing to do, and I decided why not try it? I had some ideas of a few colors I wish I had.
I came up with 3 Frankens, so here they are!

First up is Waves of Wonder. A bright blue polish with various glitters throughout, mostly silver gold and blue glitters. The formula on this was a little thick, I definitely have to thin it out. I had a hard time photographing this polish, especially in the first picture, but if you enlarge the second picture you can see it better.

Death By Cupcake. A grey purple with tons of multicoloured glitter and various sizes. The formula was really good on this one, I didn't have a problem with any of the glitter. I just wish you could see how purpley/grey this polish really is, it looks too lilac in pictures.. oh well!

Toxic Frosting. A lime green polish with tons of multicolored glitter of various sizes. The formula on this was good as well, no problems applying it. I used some of the same glitters as #2. I really wanted an insanely bright base color with a ton of colorful glitter, and I think I achieved exactly what I wanted!

So what do you all think? Just keep in mind this was my first time Frankening lol. The whole time I was doing them my fiance kept telling me I looked like a mad scientist lol!

*EDIT* I have been getting emails from some of you about wanting these polishes. I'm thinking of packaging them in mini bottles and sending them to some people if they are interested. It makes me feel so happy.

I hope you're all having a great day, thanks for reading! xox


  1. ooooh i am really feeling that lime green one!

  2. These are all cute colors! The names are awesome too, especially Toxic Frosting. I think it's perfect!

    1. Thanks, I really like that name too so far.

  3. Toxic Frosting is perfect. I can't even come up with another that would be better, but suggestions would be Neon Rave, Electric Rave, and Yellow Carnivàle.

    The first one (and my favorite) makes me think of the following names: Sunny Skies, Cerulean Balloon

  4. They are all gorgeous! That green one is just WOW!! :)

  5. I absolutely love all three!! I like the "Toxic Frosting" name!
    omg that would be so cool if you had mini bottles of these!

  6. Toxic Frosting is my fave! :)

    Your newest follower. :)

  7. These are so fantastic! I'm seriously crushing on Toxic Frosting. ;)